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Very fine particles from the water do not settle no matter how long the water remains in resting state, because they are in colloidal equilibrium. These particles are negatively charged and repel each other. A chemical treatment method is used to obtain a better treatment effect.

By this method is meant the introduction into water of some substances that enter into a chemical reaction with substances dissolved in water. Compounds dispersing in the water in the form of positively charged fine particles, which neutralize the negative electrical charge of the particles which give turbidity to the water, are formed. In this way, their agglomeration into flocs occurs, namely larger flocculation that deposit quickly. The effect is high if a liquid agitation is introduced. This process is named coagulation – flocculation, and the substances used are named coagulants.

The choice of the optimal coagulant for water to be treated is determined based on laboratory research.


KEMPAC® Product features of KEMPAC® aluminium polychloride Aluminium polychloride is an effective coagulant for both drinking water treatment and wastewater purification. Product benefits: The product offers an effective reduction for: Biological oxygen consumption (CBO5); Chemical oxygen consumption (CCO); Total organic carbon (COT); Total suspended solids (SS); Colour; Phosphorus; Sludge volume; It can be dosed directly, […]
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Aluminium sulphate

Aluminium sulphate features - Aluminium sulphate is a coagulant based on trivalent aluminium active compounds; - It can be used for water treatment for drinking purposes, wastewater treatment, for papermaking, as well as for many other industrial applications. Aluminium sulphate is especially suitable for drinking water treatment and for paper calibration. Product advantages: - It […]
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Ferric sulphate – min. 42%

Ferric sulphate - Coagulant with the active substance based on trivalent iron. Both at the municipal level, and especially at the industrial level, it is widely used to optimize the purification of water in the chemical stage. Trivalent iron-based coagulants behave similarly to aluminium salts. Iron salts are liquid, acidic and highly corrosive. Ferric sulphate […]
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Ferric chloride min. 40%

Ferric chloride is: - a liquid coagulant with an active substance based on trivalent iron, having a concentration of around 12 % Fe3+. - a reddish-brown substance, a highly corrosive product, used mainly for removing phosphorous and coagulation of industrial waters. The chemicals from wastewater, including nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous), can only be retained by […]
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