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The guaranteed quality of our products is closely linked to their optimal use. Our application engineers, with experience in the field, gained over time, ensure the correct application of products and the optimization of water treatment and purification technologies.

For us, any collaboration is important, therefore, ensuring the quality of the processes in which our products are used requires laboratory and industrial tests, on flow, to determinate the optimal products and doses. Water treatment and purification processes are sensitive, and their quality changes often occur over time. So, in these cases, if it cannot be solved by dose optimization, it is recommended to perform again the tests to find new optimal solutions.

As manufacturers and direct distributors of coagulants and flocculants, we provide free laboratory and industrial tests and the necessary consultancy. In case of an improperly designed technological flow, we provide the necessary consultancy for the functional rehabilitation of the plant.

Water treatment

Surface water is known to have a direct impact on the environment and, therefore, its composition contains dissolved and suspended colloidal impurities, bacteria, viruses, algae, sand, clay and pesticides, etc. Groundwater is harder than surface water, but it contains less organic matter and other impurities. Therefore, it does not need significant treatment to achieve acceptable […]
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Wastewater purification

Wastewater purification technology has evolved from a simple mechanical process to an advanced process in which the mechanical, chemical and biological steps are combined. The first generation of municipal wastewater purification plant removes particles from the water, but not enough. The water clarity in the emissary has improved, though not enough. Since then, the development […]
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