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For packaging, substances, other than those in classes 1, 2, 5.2, 6.2 and 7 and other than self-reactive substances in class 4.1 shall be assigned to the packaging groups according to the degree of danger they present. For the purpose of packaging, any performance requirements are set out in the applicable packaging instructions.

Packaging group I: Very dangerous substances;

Packaging group II: Environmentally dangerous substances;

Packaging group III: Less dangerous substances.

The packaging (which does not fall within the limits provided for the limited or exempted quantities) should be designed and constructed in accordance with A.D.R. and it should have been tested for approval. It should also be suitable to contain a specific cargo.

Packaging for UN approved liquids and solids shall be marked with the prefix "UN" or they bear the mark, and packaging approved only for RID / ADR shall bear the mark "RID / ADR".


BASIN 1000L ADR (IBC) Product description: product made of high-density linear polyethylene (HDPE); it can be used for the storage of hazardous chemicals groups II and III with a maximum density of 1.9 g / cm3; it is a reusable, industrial basin, stacked and transported on pallet; dimensions: LxlxH (1200 x 1000 x 1160) mm/pc.; […]
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Can / Canister ADR 20L Product description: Weight 1000 g Packing 10 cans / bag DIN61 cover
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