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Kemcristal – manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment and wastewater purification

KEMCRISTAL was established in 1997, being the largest producer of inorganic coagulants in Romania.

The activity takes place in Fundulea City, Călărași County, having a long experience in the manufacturing and marketing of chemical reagents for water treatment for the purpose of drinking, for purification of wastewater or of water from various industries (paper industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, oil industry, etc.).

Closely related relationships with our customers from the treatment plants and our desire to understand their requirements led to a vast experience in providing customers with the optimal technological solution, and products that ensure the efficiency of the processes to achieve the required water quality.

We perform laboratory and industrial tests for flow optimization in the treatment and purification plants, both for the chemical and biological part, and we provide the necessary consultancy for the use of the delivered products, in order to obtain the desired efficiencies.

Our team will promptly respond to any request from you, trying to provide the best solutions to the reported problems.

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