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Ferric chloride min. 40%

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    Ferric chloride is:

    • - a liquid coagulant with an active substance based on trivalent iron, having a concentration of around 12 % Fe3+.
    • - a reddish-brown substance, a highly corrosive product, used mainly for removing phosphorous and coagulation of industrial waters.

    The chemicals from wastewater, including nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous), can only be retained by an advanced purification step, which obviously introduces additional investment and operating costs. These substances, discharged into the emissary, cause great disadvantages to the environment and human health. It is necessary to provide the advanced treatment stage in the purification plants as well.

    Advantages of using ferric chloride:

    • - good efficiency in phosphorus removal process;
    • - efficiency in reducing CCO – Mn, CCO - Cr, solid suspensions, extractable substances.

    An optimal dose of coagulant regulates the degree of load of the biological stage, reduces the hydraulic retention time – increasing the capacity of the plant.

    Reducing the water load at the exit of the mechanical stage by improving, in this stage, the indicators: total phosphorous, organic substances (CCO), solid suspensions (SS), ammonium (NH4+) etc.

    Decreasing the amount of air needed for aeration in the biological stage, which determines the decrease in energy consumption in the biological stage.

    Obtaining the effluent with superior quality indicators by achieving superior pollutant reduction efficiencies.