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Chlorine gas

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    Molecular formula: CI2

    CAS NO.: 7782-50-5

    General description:

    Chlorine is a yellowish-green gas with a specific, irritating and suffocating odour. It liquefies easily under pressure, even at ambient temperature. The product liquefies easily under pressure, even at normal temperatures. Chlorine is heavier than air, and it accumulates in the lower parts. The product dissolves easily in water, forming a yellow-greenish solution (chlorine water), unstable to light.

    Main areas of use:

    • in the production of hydrochloric acid;
    • synthetic fibres;
    • plastic products;
    • water purification;
    • as an oxidizing agent in the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds;
    • bleaching of paper and cellulose;
    • as a disinfectant and cleaning agent in the food industry;
    • when detinning the tinplate.

    Delivery information:

    Liquid chlorine is packed in specially marked tanks, in cylinders or containers. Auto transport should be carried out with specially arranged cars, accompanied by an authorized and trained representative.


    Liquid chlorine is stored in specially designed tanks. Chlorine cylinders and containers should be stored in dry, well-ventilated areas, away from excessive heat and direct sunlight, at temperatures below 52oC. It is preferable that the storage space be fire-resistant. Avoid storing chlorine in tight or underground spaces. Containers or cylinders should only be filled to 85% capacity. People engaged in handling the product will need to be trained about the risks and arrangement.

    It is necessary to wear personal protective equipment.