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Laborator  de analize fizico-chimice

Physico-chemical analysis laboratory

The physico-chemical analysis laboratory performs tests to verify the quality of each batch of raw materials used in the manufacturing process, of each batch of finished products obtained within the company: coagulants based on aluminium (solid and liquid aluminium sulphate, aluminium polyhydroxychloride, aluminium polyhydroxychlorosulphate and aluminium pentahydroxychloride) and each input of iron-based coagulants (liquid iron (III) sulphate) and other products sold, thereby contributing to the safe delivery of products to Kemcristal customers.

The physico-chemical analysis laboratory is accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR), for the testing activity, according to SR EN ISO 17025: 2018, starting with 1999 (Accreditation Certificate no. 131 / 14.01.2022). Most of the test methods used in our laboratory are standardized methods.

The objectives regarding the quality system implemented within the laboratory refer to the permanent monitoring of its effectiveness, in order to maintain and improve the standard of services offered by the laboratory to its clients, in accordance with the requirements agreed with the client, at the highest level of competence, providing confidence to both the direct beneficiaries of the test results and the company's customers.

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