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From 2014, SC KEMCRISTAL SRL is one of the companies with 100% Romanian private capital. We are the biggest supplier and producer of inorganic coagulants in Romania. Also, in collaboration with KEMIRA Group, we are one of the world leaders in the production of organic flocculants and coagulants, as well as antifoams, biocides, dispersants, oxidants and other products. Our range of products, combined with the application of our experience and expertise, and the fact that we are represented globally in more than 40 countries, offers us a unique opportunity. As a global company, we can advise our customers locally on economically favourable concepts and efficiency of chemical treatment used successfully among our customers in various industries. The close relationships with our customers in treatment plants around the world and our desire to understand their requirements have led to a vast experience in providing customers with the optimal technological solution and products that ensure the efficiency of processes to achieve the required water quality.

Over the years, we have gained extensive knowledge in the field of water treatment. A wide range of cutting-edge technologies and chemicals that are widely used in the production of food, beverage, paper, oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, wood processing and more have developed. Any challenge of the client can be solved through a collaboration with us. Our strengths are the use of the latest and most efficient processes, the multitude of reagents offered and the customer's trust.

During the contract, Kemcristal provides consultancy and offers on-demand solutions both for optimizing the consumption of coagulant and polymer used in the operation of the treatment plant, and for any problems arising in the biological flow of the purification plant. We maintain a close collaboration on the technical side, especially in the biological purification sector, with the best lecturers in the country.

Kemcristal offers technical assistance within 12 hours of the request, 7 days / 7, with a well-trained staff for any technical problem from our field of work (choosing the best chemicals that offer low reagent consumption, offering solution in the exploitation of the biological system, etc.).