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Internal and international transport

In order to cover as well as possible the entire territory of Romania and to respond promptly to the requirements of our clients, our company has a modern and well-equipped car park that is specifically aimed at transport of chemicals.

Our advantages:

Experienced staff: ongoing training of staff, including drivers, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


We offer ADR transport services in a complete regime, in safe conditions and in compliance with the legal regulations in the field. We are proud of the performance of taking customer orders immediately and arranging the requested transportation.

Personalized tracking systems – each means of transport has tracking equipment, with the help of which we optimize the activity:

  • P.S. tracking systems

You can contact us for a personalized offer that involves the use of a tank. We are open and flexible, always eager to solve your problems.

    Stainless steel tank

    Insulated stainless steel tank

    Unloading is done with the compressor on the tractor unit.

    • tank capacity 30,000 litres – single compartments, ADR, tank code L4BH,
    • tank capacity 33,000 litres - 3 compartments – (7500/18000/7500), ADR, tank code L4BH.

    Tank equipment:

    • 2×6 m discharge hose
    • DN 50/80 stainless steel and brass couplings, reduction DN 50/80 German MK/VK system.

    Products authorized for transport: any product according to the tank code.

    Rubber tank

    Rubber tanks with a capacity of 20,000 litres

    ADR – unloading is done with the compressor on the tractor unit.

    The tanks are authorized for transport:

    • hydrochloric acid (UN 1789)
    • ferric chloride (UN 2582)
    • ferric sulphate
    • PAX aluminium polychloride (UN 3264), class 8 ADR

    Tank equipment:

    • 2×6 m discharge hose
    • DN 50/80 couplings, reduction DN 50/80, German MK/VK and French Guillemin system (polypropylene).

    For authorized products, a maximum of 22.5 tons of hydrochloric acid and ferric chloride, respectively 23 tons of ferric sulphate and PAX can be loaded.


    24 t, 11 t, 4 t and 1.5 t load capacity trucks - ADR

    Authorized for transporting liquid chlorine packed in containers (500, 800, 900 or 1000 kg) or tubes (50 kg). They are equipped with IPROCHIM authorized racks for transporting containers.

    3.5 t load capacity trucks - ADR

    For the transport of palletized goods or liquid chemicals packaged in 1 m3 IBCs.