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    KemFoam™ X 2125 is a water-based antifoam used especially for various industrial applications in the field of wastewater purification. The product offers a wide range of applications, being effective at various temperatures (5-40oC) and at large pH variations (3-10 units).

    The range of use of antifoam agents is very wide, from paint and varnish factories that add a percentage of antifoam to the product, to sewage plants to eliminate or reduce the phenomenon of foaming in biological basins, to bioreactors for biogas production to stabilize reactor foaming and to improve the biogas production process.


    Deliveries can be made in IBC of 1000 kg or canisters of 25 kg.


    The product is sensitive to heat and frost. For best performance, we recommend storing the product in sealed containers, at a moderate temperature (normally between 5 - 25 °C). However, its proprieties are not affected by frost.