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Coagulants Very fine particles from the water do not settle no matter how long the water remains in resting state, because they are in colloidal equilibrium. These particles are negatively charged and repel each other. A chemical treatment method is used to obtain a better treatment effect. By this method is meant the introduction into […]
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Polymers Flocculation is the set of physico-chemical phenomena that lead to the aggregation of particles to form flocs. This phenomenon is reversible, namely these flocs can be broken by, for example, vigorously stirring of the liquid to reach the initial colloidal solution. Coagulation and flocculation are often inseparable. In fact, coagulation, by reducing the repulsive […]
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pH correction

pH correction The pH value is one of the most important chemical values. pH determining and controlling is standard in many industrial applications, in water treatment and in liquid quality control. The desired pH value can be adjusted very precisely by adding acids or alkaline substances. It is an absolutely necessary requirement, especially in neutralization […]
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Anti-foaming Foaming phenomenon may appear during the commissioning procedures of bio-reactors. Also, high variations in organic loads can cause foaming. Foaming is caused by the surface tension of the wastewater. Foaming during commissioning can be reduced by reducing the volume of air blown and by reducing the loads. Foaming in a fully developed environment can […]
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Disinfectants Water disinfection and purification have developed a lot in the last century. This has led to a decrease in diseases that came from water. Most pathogen microorganisms are eliminated by water treatment techniques such as coagulation, flocculation, decantation or filtration. Although, in order to have a healthy drinking water, it is also necessary to […]
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