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Sodium hydroxide flakes 25 kg

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    Package: 25 kg bag

    Main areas of use:

    • oil industry
    • petrochemical industry
    • aluminium industry
    • cellulose and paper industry
    • soap and detergent industry
    • pharmaceutical industry
    • chemical manufacturing industry (dyes, phenol, phosphates, sodium hypochlorite, polycarbonates, zeolites, etc.)
    • water treatment (softening, demineralization)
    • textile industry in the manufacture of cellulosic fibres by viscose process

    Technical quality conditions:

    CaracteristiciUMLimiteMetode de incercare
    Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), min%99STAS 3068
    Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), max%0.7STAS 3068
    Sodium chloride (NaCl), max%0.10STAS 3068
    Iron oxides (Fe2O3), max%0.004STAS 3068