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Granular aluminium sulphate 0.5-3 mm; 0.5-5 mm; 2-7 mm

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    Free-iron aluminium sulphate is a slightly soluble granular coagulant that can be used for water treatment for drinking purposes, wastewater treatment, papermaking and many other industrial applications. Aluminium sulphate is especially suitable for drinking water treatment and paper calibration. Aluminium sulphate is based on trivalent aluminium active compounds.


    Aluminium sulphate is a coagulant that complies with the European standard EN 878:2004 "Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption", type 1.

    Solution preparation and dosing

    Aluminium sulphate is especially recommended for silage storage, therefore it can be fed to the dosage point in dry form or as a solution, by means of a continuous solvent. Aluminium sulphate is recommended to be dissolved in a 5-20% solution for continuous preparation and 5-40% for discontinuous preparation.

    Packing / Transport

    Aluminium sulphate can be delivered in bulk or in 25 kg, 50 kg, 1000 kg bags.